December 2 2016 edition

In this week’s newsletter: CS Ed Week!

It’s Computer Science Education Week! I hope you can take some time this week to explore computer science, and share it with others. Life has been a little crazy at Casa DeLoura lately so welcome to this week’s abridged edition! We’ll get back to big newsletters once life calms down a bit 🙂

Thanks to James Collins, Mark German, Catherine Jhee, Ed Metz, Sheri Rubin, and Russ Shilling for contributions to this issue! You can send us your news and favorites by replying back to this newsletter or using the contact information shown at the bottom.

Games and Education

The US Department of Education has opened a request for proposals for its 2017 small business grants. The ED/IES SBIR grants provide funding for innovative education technology products for students or teachers. Grants have been given for many educational games in previous years, and you can find many of them in this YouTube playlist.

The National STEM Video Game Challenge announced the winners of its annual game design competition. The Challenge conducted nearly 60 workshops across the US! The 24 middle and high school winners each receive $1000 cash and other prizes, and of course, acclaim! Go check out some of the great ideas on the YouTube playlist!

Coding and Making

Computer Science Education Week is this week! Normally I’d publish a gigantic list of resources here but time is short and I have faith that your Google-fu is strong. But have you tried the new Minecraft Hour of Code yet? Or, check out the new Hour of Code from Disney featuring Moana!

Technically this news came this morning, not last week, but I’m going to make an exception. Check out the HUGE and AMAZING list of computer science education commitments published by the White House this morning. Thanks Ruthe Farmer for all your hard work!


Learn about Neural Networks (Web) – This interactive site lets you play around with the inputs of a neural net to gain greater understanding into how this AI technology works. Do you keep hearing about the power of AI but are not quite sure what that means? Give this simple simulator a shot!

Quick, Draw! (Web) – Google created a game of Pictionary in which you draw and the AI attempts to guess. Another fascinating experiment that shows you the potential of AI. Video.


Gregg Behr @ TEDxYouth – Grable Foundation’s Gregg Behr, a tireless advocate for early childhood education and informal learning, speaks about education innovation, Pittsburgh’s amazing Remake Learning project, teaching with love, and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

British Prime Minister w/Kano in India – British Prime Minister Theresa May visited a school in Bangalore on her first official visit to India. Students in the class are building and coding on the amazing Kano computer kit!

Immersive VR Education – We are just beginning to explore the power of virtual reality for education. Immersive VR Education is a company working with the HTC Vive to explore teaching science and math, and allow students to visit far-away locations from the comfort of their classroom.


Computer Science Education Week – The annual week-long celebration of computer science education! Everywhere. December 5-11.
VRX 2016 – A VR technology conference and expo for senior leaders. San Francisco, CA. December 7-8.
ATD LearnNow – The Association for Talent Development is holding this design workshop on creating learning game prototypes. San Francisco, CA. December 8-9.
NY EdTech Week – Education innovation festival focused on using edtech to drive learning advancements. New York, NY. December 19-21.
Global Game Jam – The world’s largest weekend game jam, at hundreds of sites around the world! January 20-22.
Bett – Massive annual trade show showcasing the use of technology in education. London, UK. January 25-28.
Kidscreen Summit – Exploring new horizons in kids entertainment. Miami, FL. February 13-16.
DICE Summit – The game industry’s annual executive leadership summit. Las Vegas, NV. February 21-23.


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