What’s the Level Up Report?

The Level Up Report is an informal weekly newsletter that focuses on active 21st-century learning via games, coding, and making. Most of the content each week comes from relevant news on various sites, either articles I’ve found or that readers have forwarded in. This newsletter originally started life as the Federal Games Guild News in 2013 and was distributed exclusively to members of the Federal Games Guild, a group of U.S. government agency employees interested in broadening the use of games for impact. In early 2015, the newsletter became available to a wider¬†audience, and was renamed the Games for Impact Report. I re-branded the newsletter to Level Up Report in early September 2015 to highlight its focus, and moved it from a big BCC list to a proper mailing list utilizing Mailchimp. This website is just a holding place for the newsletter for people who’d rather not get it in email, and to make access via RSS feed simpler. As such this site is pretty bare bones! Someday it may become prettier. Or it may not.

Who runs this newsletter?

Hi! The Level Up Report is a labor of love for me, Mark DeLoura, a game industry technologist who spent several years working at the White House as Senior Advisor for Digital Media, focusing on games for impact and computer science education. You can learn more about my background on Wikipedia or Linkedin, or follow more frequent updates on Twitter. Thanks for your interest in the Level Up Report!